Ecommerce sales

I have been watching the reports about ecommerce sales with a strange sense of foreboding and opportunistic delight. The reports are mixed, but it seems that growth is softening – in some cases dramatically. Whilst Cyber Monday, the Monday after the US Thanksgiving holiday, recorded the second highest online sales ever at USD$846 million, growth…

Content, bloody content

A website is kinda boring without content. The semantic web has no meaning without meaningful content. So why is content the last thing people think about when they are planning a website? It may be because people assume that the web is a visual medium and think visually about what they want. The boring words…

The perfect 10

In the eighties film 10, Dudley Moore, a middle-aged musician lusts after Bo Derek, a young and beautiful woman. I don’t think her career was ever made obvious. In an iconic scene, Bo Derek runs down the beach in slow motion her body glistening with the sea and coconut oil. She is in Dudley Moore’s…

The blog easy

When I first discovered the web I found a site called Digital Diaries which allowed for creative expression online. I signed up and was soon publishing sarcastic poetry about my life and receiving the odd freakish email from someone in Ohio. I often think it’s a shame that the Digital Diaries site didn’t take off….

The big screen

Senator Conroy, our new Minister of Communications has proven that the Labor Party still do not understand the Internet. Mark Latham in his wonderfully vindictive apologia, The Latham Diaries, writes that in the dying days of the Keating government the then Minister of Communications was terrified of Telstra and virtually at their beck and call….